25 October 2015

Joyce Liu

MJ 2015, Junior Editor, Phoenix TV
'Studying at the JMSC was the best time of my life. I got a better understanding of democracy and justice, and became more determined to be a journalist. At the JMSC, I honed my filming and video editing skills, and learned how to discover and produce human-interest stories and documentaries. My internship at an Indonesian TV station made me more tenacious. It was like a crash course that taught me how to explore and produce video news stories when I was still very new to a foreign country.'
25 October 2015

Jane Li

MJ 2015, Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek
'I've always wanted to be a print journalist but it wasn't until I joined the MJ programme that I realised how many more opportunities I could have in this field, such as documentary production. I learned all my video production skills from the JMSC, and I've been fascinated by it since the first day I touched a JVC and learned how to use Premiere. I've made up my mind to become a multimedia journalist at the end of this programme, and I've always felt so grateful for having the opportunity to become friends with so many fantastic teachers as well as the alumni.'
24 October 2015

Amanda Wong

MJ 2015, Assistant News Editor, Bloomberg TV
'A year ago, I found myself in a foreign country with fears, my share of doubts, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. A year later, I have experience covering a protest, I've made a documentary, and I've attended events from tattoo conventions to The Asian Film Awards. Since completing the programme, I've been offered a position with Bloomberg TV. With the company, I've had opportunities to work in the studio, be the media manager, be the Assistant Assignment Editor, and the opportunity to script and field produce. The JMSC equipped me with the skills to be able to undertake these challenges and confidently call myself a journalist and videographer.'
24 October 2015

Kevin Cureau

MJ 2014, Multimedia Producer, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
'I wanted a hands-on learning experience and the MJ programme gave me that. We got to learn how to use video and photo equipment and lights, how to record an interview properly and edit videos using the same software used in the journalism industry. The professors and staff were very helpful in teaching me how to tell a story with images and videos, something I do every day at my job. The reporting skills learned in class allow me to get the details right when writing a story. Because the digital age gives easy access to tons of information, it's important to get everything right before publishing it.'
14 October 2015

Erin Hale

MJ 2014, Copy Editor, Phnom Penh Post
“The JMSC master’s program took my previous knowledge of journalism from my college paper and internships and turned it into a professional skill set. At the JMSC I learned how to improve my writing, pitch story ideas, and also to translate them to multimedia projects. I also learned a lot about Asia, from politics to media law, which helped me at my summer internship at the South China Morning Post, and later when I was applying for a full-time job at the Phnom Penh Post. It wasn’t until I moved to Cambodia though, where one of my classmates lives, that I realized that probably the most important lesson was meeting journalists from around the world, and understanding the challenges they faced.”
14 October 2015

Lkhagva Erdene

MJ 2013, Executive Producer of News, Mongol TV
“As I come from a country with a partly free and chaotic media landscape, a year at JMSC proved to be a life changing experience for me, both in acquiring new skills and understanding the impact and necessity of unbiased reporting in a democratic society. Upon returning home I’ve joined Mongol TV, a commercial broadcaster, as head of news/executive producer. In my current role I am leading a team of 30 reporters, producers and anchors. The station and our newsroom are strong defenders of intellectual property: we have denounced copyright infringement, and we have also vowed to fight corruption through the strength of our airways. We have organized the inaugural television forum this February, and I am personally coordinating the effort to establish the first media council in the country.”
13 October 2015

Sophie Brown

MJ 2013, Independent multimedia journalist in Hong Kong
“I joined the JMSC seeking to move into journalism from public relations. Two years on, I’ve had the opportunity to work with CNN International as a digital news producer, intern with TIME Magazine, and report for other news outlets in Asia. The MJ programme armed me with a wide range of technical skills that are essential for journalists in the digital age. What’s more, I learned from a faculty with extensive practical experience, formed bonds with students from all over the world, and gained the confidence to pursue my dream career.”
24 August 2015

Recent graduate Georgia McCafferty on studying the Master of Journalism programme

Georgie McCafferty (MJ 2014) is a recent graduate of the JMSC Master of Journalism programme, a mother of three, and a freelance journalist. In this video, she talks about juggling family and studies during her Master of Journalism programme, and how the courses helped prepare her for a career in journalism.