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There has never been a more vital time for journalism

Right now we are seeing a tidal wave of disarray and uncertainty in the world. Long established traditions, norms and institutions are under threat like never before. And we need principled, objective and truthful reporting to give people the context they need, to separate fact from fake, and to create better, more informed global citizens.

Our mission at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre is to equip the next generation of journalists with the skills they need, and to imbue them with the bedrock principles of objectivity, fairness, balance and empathy to become tomorrow’s truth-tellers. We see that mission now as more important than ever — and we need your support.

Our Master of Journalism programme is totally self-financing. We get the resources we need from tuition fees and from the generous support of our donors, alumni and friends — people who believe that independent, objective journalism really can make the world a better place.

Donations to our scholarship fund go 100% to support students, to make sure we maintain our international diversity and keep our programme accessible to everyone, even here in the world’s most expensive city. Donations to our equipment fund ensures that our students can continue to learn on state-of-the-art video cameras, computers and other facilities. And the general fund allows us to expand our programme offerings to keep up with these fast changing times.

If you believe, like I do, that journalism today matters, and that objective, truthful storytelling is essential in today’s world, I ask you to please consider supporting our mission. Make a difference in the lives of our students. And help us make a difference.

Keith Richburg
Director, Journalism and Media Studies Centre