From the Classroom to Press

As part of our teaching curricula, we have developed publishing relationships with numerous media outlets in Hong Kong and around the world. Our goal is to create an environment for students to successfullypublish stories for impactful journalism.

Our method is simple, direct and encourages students to improve their journalism skills, inside and out of the classroom.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. First, students pitch stories as part of their class assignment or part of the the HKU Journalism teaching hospital.
  2. Students will then submit their assignments to educators and faculty members at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre
  3. Working with students, faculty members will judge the quality of the work along these factors
    a) Demonstrates news value
    b) Adheres to professional reporting standards
    c) Contributes value to a journalism publication
  4. Using these factors, our editor-at-large and faculty will work with students to improve, re-work, and edit assignments as needed until they reach publishable quality.
  5. Once the story has reached a professional standard, faculty will pitch stories to outlets which the student can use as part of their overall work portfolio.

In the past, students have published stories in Quartz, US News and World Reports, Hong Kong Free Press, EJ Insight, Asia Sentinel, and numerous other publications.

A sample of student work that have been published in media outlets:

Nayantara Baht

Martin Choi

Chloe Feng

Anna Gustafson

Amanda Har Jia Yi

Mary Hsiao Chu An

Louise Joachimowski

Hillary Leung

Natalie Lung

Cecilie Wortziger Kristensen

The HKU Journalism publishing platform/teaching hospital was partly supported and funded by a Teaching Development Grant from the University of Hong Kong.