27 March 2012

JMSC Bachelor of Journalism Students Cover Japan Tsunami Anniversary

A group of JMSC undergraduates have just enjoyed an experience normally reserved for professional journalists: covering an international event, planning and producing their own stories, and seeing their work published by major international news organizations. […]
21 February 2012

Student Reporters Head to Japan to Cover Tsunami Anniversary

Seven JMSC undergraduates will head to Japan next month to cover the first anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami for international news organisations. The March 7-12 trip has been organised by JMSC Teaching Consultant, […]
30 April 2011

Entrepreneurial BJs Publish University Magazine

A team of Bachelor of Journalism students from the JMSC has published a brand new magazine for Hong Kong University called The Echo. The Echo is billed as ‘a magazine for students, by students’ and, […]