3 June 2011

MAP Course: Documentary Video Production for Beginners June 13-24

REGISTER NOW This hands-on course will introduce students to the basics of video making, including camera operation, sound recording and digital editing. By the end of the course, students will have produced a documentary under step-by-step guidance of the instructor.
3 June 2011

MAP Course: Using Social Media — “Critical Tools for the Social Web” June 15-17

Targeted at working journalists and others interested in developing a fundamental understanding of social media and social technologies. This course will offer participants an intensive introduction into the principles and techniques for developing ideas towards engaging audiences and some of the lessons learned from current practices.
18 May 2011

Professional Photographic Training A Draw For Postgraduate Students

Award-winning photographer and Honorary Lecturer, Dr. Michael Coyne, is teaching Master of Journalism students photojournalism throughout the month of May. The course is part of the JMSC’s month-long mini-semester held to enable postgraduate students to […]
28 April 2011

JMSC Summer MAP Courses Are Underway

The JMSC’s programme of Media Academy for Pros (MAP) is underway and proving as popular as ever. MAP courses are aimed at working journalists and other professionals, as well as college and university students wishing […]
18 April 2011

May 28 – June 2: MAP Course Shanghai – Business and Finance Data Visualisation

A Media Academy for Pros (MAP) course, Business and Finance Data Visualisation, is on offer at the HKU Shanghai Study Centre in Shanghai from May 18 – June 2, 2011. This two-part course, co-organised by […]
15 December 2010

Sign Up for Summer Class: Investigative Journalism in a Global World

Investigative Journalism in a Global World is a Media Academy for Pros (MAP) course taught in the summer by Visiting Professor, Sheila Coronel, and Honorary Lecturer, Chan Pui King. The course looks at cross-border issues […]