MJ 2016, Reporter, TIME Asia

‘The JMSC gave me what I needed for a head start in the field of journalism—from writing to video and digital skills, all in just one year. Learning from top-notch educators and working journalists, the intensive programme has made entering the field much smoother. In addition, my colleagues and I had a wide range of options for internships, from local newsrooms like RTHK and Initium to international news organisations like CNN, where I did mine. During my time at the JMSC, I also got to meet many amazing people from different places around the world. Friendship and a shared passion for the news are bonuses on top of an already excellent programme.’


28 October 2016

Kevin Lui

MJ 2016, Reporter, TIME Asia ‘The JMSC gave me what I needed for a head start in the field of journalism—from writing to video and digital skills, all in just one year. Learning from top-notch […]
28 October 2016

Georgia Feldmanis

MJ 2016, Reporter, Mix Magazine at Panacea Publishing ‘I came to Hong Kong with no experience, very little understanding of local culture and a narrow vision of what I wanted to do. I wanted to […]
28 October 2016

Sonia Awale

MJ 2016, Croucher Foundation ‘Completing a Master of Journalism at the JMSC makes one ready to face any situation and work in any newsroom around the world. My time at the JMSC has taught me […]
30 November 2015

Shari Nijman

MJ 2011, Multimedia Producer / Public Information Officer, United Nations
'The JMSC allowed me to develop myself as a true all-round reporter. Video, photography, writing, social media: after completing the MJ I am confident in my abilities in all of them. This versatility is extremely appreciated and sought after in today’s media world. Learning journalism skills in Hong Kong also means real-life exposure to dealing with complex and sometimes politically sensitive subject matter—very useful if you want to work in any international capacity.'
26 October 2015

Arshiya Khullar

MJ 2014, Private Equity Reporter, PERE
'As someone who was working as a journalist in New Delhi before joining the Master’s programme at The Journalism and Media Studies Centre, I entered the programme with the idea of strengthening my reporting skills and expanding my network in the region. I ended up leaving with much more. With experienced working journalists as faculty members and JMSC alumni in every major news organisation in Hong Kong, the programme helped me gain inroads into the competitive world of financial journalism.'
26 October 2015

Kevin Dharmawan

MJ 2014, Photo Editor, Asia Photo Desk, Bloomberg
'I joined the JMSC seeking to move into a career working with images. It wasn't the easiest path to take but I was confident that with my experience and with the JMSC laying out the foundations I would be in a good position. Following graduation from the programme, I joined the photo team at The International New York Times as an intern. Newsrooms are looking for specialists, but they also want someone who is well versed in a lot of things.'
25 October 2015

Aleksander Solum

MJ 2014, Video Journalist and Producer
'I joined the JMSC with the hope of taking my work experience in video journalism to a new level, and to stay in Asia and work as a video producer. Studying at the JMSC gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most talented journalists and producers in the business. Not only did the faculty give me every opportunity to develop my storytelling skills, but the tutors also encouraged me to further develop my ideas, giving me a more thorough perspective on my work.'
25 October 2015

Joyce Liu

MJ 2015, Junior Editor, Phoenix TV
'Studying at the JMSC was the best time of my life. I got a better understanding of democracy and justice, and became more determined to be a journalist. At the JMSC, I honed my filming and video editing skills, and learned how to discover and produce human-interest stories and documentaries. My internship at an Indonesian TV station made me more tenacious. It was like a crash course that taught me how to explore and produce video news stories when I was still very new to a foreign country.'