8 February 2013

Video: Public Talk – Computer Science and Journalism

Jonathan Stray, the Overview Project lead for the Associated Press in New York and an alumnus of the JMSC’s Master of Journalism programme, discusses the increasing number of ways that computer science and journalism intersect. While the […]
1 February 2013

Feb 4: Talk – Computer Science and Journalism

The Journalism and Media Studies Centre invites you to a public talk: “Computer Science and Journalism: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together” by Jonathan Stray. Computer science and journalism are intersecting in surprising ways. Data […]
25 January 2013

Alumnus Returns to JMSC to Teach Computational Journalism Course

Jonathan Stray (MJ, 2010), who leads the Overview Project for the Associated Press (AP), is at the JMSC for four weeks teaching the school’s first Computational Journalism course. He’s also making clear what the difference is between “computational” and […]
26 April 2011

Media Research Seminars

List of Seminars The Environmental Performance of Media From Earthquake to Nuclear Crisis Computational Journalism: Mapping the Research Agenda European Politics, Media and the Public Sphere Political participation and media use in Hong Kong and […]
24 March 2011

The Impact of Computing on the Changing Landscape of News

Leading American media researcher, Nick Diakopoulos, gave a talk about the impact of computing on the changing landscape of news and talked about how computer technology, social media analytics and even video games can be used for innovation […]
21 March 2011

JMSC Research Seminar: Computational Journalism: Mapping the Research Agenda

21 March 2011

Industry Trends: Computational Journalism

Computational Journalism is opening up new vistas in reporting, news production and consumption. Find out more from visiting speaker Nick Diakopoulos of Rutgers University, who lectured on latest developments at the JMSC in March.
10 March 2011

March 17: Talk – Innovation and Computing in Journalism

Nick Diakopoulos, Computing Innovation Fellow at the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University, will talk to the JMSC about the impact of computing on the changing landscape of news production and consumption on […]