18 November 2013

JMSC Submits Position Paper on Hong Kong Copyright Law Amendments

The Journalism and Media Studies Centre has submitted a position paper to the Hong Kong government for its draft Copyright (Amendment) Bill. Authored by Professor Peter Yu, a leading expert in international intellectual property and […]
1 March 2013

First Ever Interactive Infographic of Hong Kong Budget Produced by JMSC Data Journalism Lab

The first interactive infographic ever made of a Hong Kong government budget was produced by the JMSC Data Journalism Lab (DJL) on Wednesday, February 27, minutes after Financial Secretary John Tsang addressed the 2013-2014 budget report press conference. […]
24 March 2010

Freedom of Information in Hong Kong

Chan Pui-king, an honorary lecturer at the JMSC, is, like many investigative journalists, in the business of gathering information.