IB.World.Student.ConferenceIncoming students of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre got their journalism training off to an early start in mid-August, covering the IB World Student Conference in real time.

The new Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Journalism students were helped along by current JMSC students and fresh graduates. The team shot video, took photographs, wrote articles, and used social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for their reports.

The results were posted on hKUDOS, a website dedicated to sharing the experiences of bloggers from HKU.

The conference, which was held at HKU from August 11 to 18, included secondary students in International Baccalaureate programmes from around the world. It consisted of lectures, recreation, excursions, and educational sessions built around the theme iResponsibility: Explore How We Engage in the Online World.

Speakers included JMSC faculty members Masato Kajimoto and King-wa Fu, and Kevin Lau, a former tutor at the JMSC.

AJ Libunao, a JMSC online media producer, led the team. He said that the current students and graduates provided a lot of guidance to the incoming students.

“A lot of the new students had never taken a journalism course before – they were completely fresh,” said Libunao. “But regardless, they were able to come up with content under the direction of the experienced students and alums who gave them tips on how to produce material for a good package. We created a system of checks and balances that is essentially how a regular news organization works.”

Chen Li, one of the incoming Master of Journalism students, said the experience was a new one for him. “When I volunteered to help cover the conference, I had some experience writing and taking photographs,” he said. “But on the first day, AJ showed me how to work with a video camera and the next thing I know I was holding a video camera on a tripod and running around interviewing people. It was fun.”

[View the video recapping the event below.]

The incoming MJ’s also included Yaruunaa Oyunbazar, Carol Cheung, and Angelina Draper. JMSC graduates participating were James Chan (BJ, 2013), Vicky Kung (BJ, 2013), Lareina Choong (MJ, 2012), Joanne Lam (MJ, 2013), and Karen Chang (MJ, 2013). Current BJ’s participating were Vedika Daswani (BJ2016), Esther Yu (BJ2015), and Sally Lam (BJ2015). Martin Murphy, a second-year MJ, was also a member of the coverage team.

23 August 2013

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Incoming students of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre got their journalism training off to an early start in mid-August, covering the IB World Student Conference in real time. The new Bachelor of Journalism and […]
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Teaching Support

Kitty Ho BJ (HKU) Teaching Assistant syho2010@hku.hk AJ Libunao BA Studio Arts (UC Irvine), MSc (HKPU) Online Media Producer / Tutor ajlibunao@gmail.com Anne Kruger BA (USQ), GradDipArts (USQ), GradDipFET (USQ), MA Journalism (research) candidate (QUT) […]
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