16 December 2013

Winter Internships Put JMSC Students on the Front Lines

This year’s Master of Journalism students have landed winter internships at many of Asia's leading media news organizations.
20 December 2012

JMSC Students Clinch Record 70 Internships in 10 Different Countries

JMSC students have landed 70 internships at media companies in 10 countries over the fall semester and winter break. The number of internships is a quarter higher than last year and the highest for one […]
15 December 2010

Sign Up for Summer Class: Investigative Journalism in a Global World

Investigative Journalism in a Global World is a Media Academy for Pros (MAP) course taught in the summer by Visiting Professor, Sheila Coronel, and Honorary Lecturer, Chan Pui King. The course looks at cross-border issues […]