Founded in 1998, the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) brings professional journalism education to Hong Kong’s premier university, creating an environment for vibrant interaction among students from Hong Kong, mainland China, Asia and the rest of the world.

Promoting civil society and an informed citizenry

The JMSC’s vision is to promote civil society and an informed citizenry through a vibrant and professional news media, to enhance professional standards and bolster journalistic integrity. The JMSC pursues these goals through its teaching programmes, research and professional services.

Comprehensive English curriculum

The curriculum, with instruction in English, is designed to produce graduates for all types of local, regional and international media organisations, whether the graduates ultimately practice in English, Chinese, or some other language.

From day one, students develop convergent skills enabling them to operate comfortably in all aspects of the industry, ranging from print, audio, video, and multimedia to digital and online journalism.

Career success

JMSC graduates are highly sought-after by employers and have been hired by international media organisations such as The New York Times, the Associated Press, CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg, as well as local news organisations in Hong Kong and China.

In addition to its main teaching programmes, the JMSC also offers professional short courses in media and journalism, and organises seminars and public forums to explore critical issues confronting the news media.