The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) of The University of Hong Kong has, since 1999, offered world-class professional journalism education at Asia’s premier university.

The need for a vibrant and professional news media has never been greater and at JMSC our experienced, highly skilled instructors and support staff enhance professional standards and bolster journalistic integrity through its teaching programmes, research, professional services and partnerships with media major outlets.

The JMSC curriculum is designed to produce graduates for all types of local, regional and international media organisations, whether the graduates ultimately practice in English, Chinese or other languages. Its English language teaching and training is giving the next generation of reporters, editors and foreign correspondents the tools they need to be truly international representatives of the profession. Given Hong Kong’s unique strategic location—as a cosmopolitan Asia-Pacific city, as a gateway to China, and an international financial centre—JMSC is ideally positioned to train the next generation of journalists who will be telling China’s—and Asia’s—story to the world.

From reporting and editing to digital technology and advanced audio-visual production and data analysis techniques, JMSC students develop convergent skills enabling them to operate comfortably in all aspects of the industry. In addition, JMSC provides in-depth coverage of specific local conditions by sharply focusing on regional and international media law, censorship in China, media ethics, the rise of disinformation and so-called “fake news”, the role of social media and “citizen journalism”, news literacy, and digital media entrepreneurship.

JMSC graduates are highly sought-after by employers and have been hired by international media organisations such as the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and The New York Times, as well as local news organisations in Hong Kong and mainland China.

In addition to its main teaching programmes, the JMSC also offers professional short courses in media and journalism, and organises seminars and public forums to explore critical issues confronting the news media. JMSC also hosts journalists and others to pursue book-writing projects, and has hosted a series of book talks by the Centre’s Writers-in-Residence.