16 September 2013

Social Media is a Boon to Censorship in China, Says JMSC Associate Professor

Social media allows censors in China to extend their reach farther than ever before, according to JMSC associate professor and media researcher Miklos Sukosd. “On the one hand, Chinese social media services, like Sina Weibo, […]
21 September 2012

Attitudes Towards Environmental Films Changing

Cosima Dannoritzer, an award-winning German TV documentary and filmmaker, said she has felt a sea change in attitudes towards films about environmentalism over the last five years. Dannoritzer was addressing Professor Miklos Sukosd’s Environmental Communication class […]
11 September 2012

Thurs Sept 20: Talk – The Light Bulb Conspiracy

German TV producer and documentary film director, Cosima Dannoritzer, will speak at the JMSC on Thursday, September 20, 2012. Dannoritzer will discuss her recent documentary film, “The Light Bulb Conspiracy”, with Professor Miklos Sukosd‘s Environmental […]
4 November 2011

Hong Kong “Public Media” – Here to Stay, and Growing Larger

Public broadcasting in Hong Kong, the focus of much current debate, is set to grow in the near future, JMSC students were told by a trio of visiting broadcasters. Fears have been expressed in recent […]
31 May 2011

MJ Presents Papers at Academic Conferences

Francis Yin, a Master of Journalism student from mainland China, has had two papers he wrote for the JMSC’s Media Research Class accepted for presentation at two separate academic conferences this summer. Yin will present […]
19 April 2011

“Ecologising” Media Research and Practice at the JMSC

JMSC Associate Professor, Miklos Sukosd, refuses to turn a blind eye to the environmental crisis and looks to make the media more sustainable with his research. Sukosd shared his findings on the environmental performance of […]
13 April 2011

JMSC Research Seminar – The Environmental Performance of Media

JMSC Associate Professor, Miklos Sukosd, will talk about the environmental impact of using modern media on Friday, 15 April at the JMSC. The seminar: What is the carbon footprint of a Google search, a tweet, […]
24 March 2011

March 30: Screening of the Warriors of Qiugang, Q&A With Director Ruby Yang

Please join us for a special screening of the 2011 Academy Award-nominated short documentary, the Warriors of Qiugang, followed by a discussion and Q&A with director Ruby Yang.