25 August 2019

Jeffrey Timmermans defines “Financial Journalism”

Dr. Jeffrey Timmermans defines “Financial Journalism” for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) of Communication. From 28 August, the Encyclopedia will have a new 11,000-word entry on Financial Journalism that traces the long history of financial journalism and […]
30 September 2014

JMSC students provide live coverage of HK democracy protests

As thousands of pro-democracy activists block Hong Kong streets to demand the right to choose their own Chief Executive, students from the JMSC have formed on-the-ground news teams to cover this historic event.
3 October 2012

JMSC Designated Administrator of SOPA Awards for Third Year Running

The JMSC has been designated the administrator of the Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for the third year in a row. As awards’ administrator, the JMSC’s duties include finalising the rules and entry requirements, […]
13 September 2012

Sept. 22 JMSC of HKU Shanghai Lecture: Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Financial Journalism by Jeffrey Timmermans

JMSC of HKU Shanghai Public Lecture: Three Reasons Why You Should Care About Financial Journalism Many people think business & financial journalism is only about money and numbers, or that it’s only for the rich. […]
8 September 2011

New RTHK Finance Programme Co-Fronted by JMSC Alumnus

Hong Kong’s RTHK Radio 3 launched a new business and finance show on September 5, 2011 co-fronted by recent MJ graduate, Reenita Malhotra Hora.   Money for Nothing is also co-produced and co-presented by RTHK’s Bryan Curtis […]
30 April 2011

Entrepreneurial BJs Publish University Magazine

A team of Bachelor of Journalism students from the JMSC has published a brand new magazine for Hong Kong University called The Echo. The Echo is billed as ‘a magazine for students, by students’ and, […]
26 April 2011

Media Research Seminars

List of Seminars The Environmental Performance of Media From Earthquake to Nuclear Crisis Computational Journalism: Mapping the Research Agenda European Politics, Media and the Public Sphere Political participation and media use in Hong Kong and […]