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26 September 2022
Hailey Yip
3 October 2023

Chloe Feng

MJ 2020, Chloe Feng, Reporter & Presenter, Hong Kong Cable TV’s Hong Kong International Business Channel

I never expected to develop such an unexpectedly keen interest for news events, current affairs, and how they shape our society, until I embarked on my Master’s programme journey at HKU Journalism. I learned how to question and filter information instead of passively receiving it, and also provide factual news which could serve the public good.

The nine-month programme could be intense at times, but it was also valuable and versatile as it exposed me to multi-front knowledge ranging from video production, in-depth feature writing, website design, a grasp of laws and entrepreneurship, and broadcast journalism. This all enabled me to single-handedly produce multimedia stories, and helped me land my first job in Hong Kong as a multimedia producer with China Daily, which led to my current position as a broadcast reporter and presenter at Hong Kong Cable TV.

The faculty are also like “friends” who not only shared professional insights but also life advice whenever I was confused about my direction.

To me, HKU Journalism is not only a place which inspired my dream to become a reporter but it was also like a “second-home” where I was blessed with their support in pursuing this dream.