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11 June 2011
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14 June 2011

View the JMSC’s Real-Time Coverage of the AAJA’s New Media Conference

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JMSC volunteers covering the inaugural conference of the Asia Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) on June 11 demonstrated their New Media skills by providing live video-streaming of the event, cogent written reports and some fine photo-journalism.

See their reporting at

Led by soon-to-graduate MJ Eldes Tran, the team hit the ground running early on Saturday morning and kept up the pace throughout a blisteringly hot day.

Their tweets, text wraps, photography and videography attracted audiences from as far away as the United States despite the time difference.

If that wasn’t enough, they also administered the event for the AAJA, checking in delegates, arranging refreshments and even arranging furniture at the venue on the HKU campus.

JMSC Director, Professor Ying Chan, an AAJA stalwart dating back to her time as a journalist in New York, paid tribute to the professionalism and energy of the team.

“I’d like to thank the JMSC students for their hard work and professional efforts,” she said, winning a round of applause from the assembled AAJA participants. Her sentiments were echoed by the AAJA’s Asian Chapter President, Ken Moritsugu.

It came as no suprise that the AAJA plans a repeat in a year’s time.

Left to right: MJs Alice Woodhouse, Peggy Shen and Eldes Tran

MJ Richard Schuster maintained a constant stream of tweets, tweeting and retweeting on the JMSC and the AAJA’s accounts (hashtag #aajahk).

Timely written reports were compiled by Ivy Zhang and Jennifer Jett. JMSC Teaching Assistant A.J. Libunao supervised the photography, maintaining an interactive album on Flickr.

JMSC Tutor Kevin Lau led the video effort, broadcasting live on ustream.

Meanwhile, the days events were tracked as they occurred on the live-blogging platform, cover-it-live, embedded below: