9 July 2024

Samson So

MJ 2008, Samson So, Founder and Director, Eco Institute
Samson So is the founder and director of Eco Institute, a company providing environmental education through workshops and ecotourism. A self-taught nature photographer, he organises trips to remote places in Asia, Africa and South America to photograph animals in natural habitats. He also regularly serves as a photo competition judge with National Geographic, produces documentaries and writes books on ecology and green tourism.
9 July 2024

Richard Schuster

MJ 2011, Richard Schuster, Head of Strategy and Operations, Google
Before attending the JMSC, Richard Schuster worked as a news reporter in Hungary and produced an award-winning independent documentary. After graduating, Richard joined Google’s communications team in his home country of Hungary. He is now based in London, holding the position of head of strategy and operations for Google's communications team in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
9 July 2024

Matin Sarfraz

MJ 2013, Matin Sarfraz, Climate Reporter, National Observer
Afghan journalist Abdul Matin Sarfraz, who studied at the JMSC on full scholarship in 2012, dreamt of rebuilding his home country through education and journalism. But he was forced to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban returned to power in 2021 and targeted him. Matin works as a climate reporter for the National Observer, an online digital publication in Canada.
9 July 2024

Shari Nijman and Ng Yuk-hang

MJ 2011, Shari Nijman, Communication Officer, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
BJ 2008, Ng Yuk-hang, Policy Manager, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations
Shari Nijman and Ng Yuk-hang pivoted from journalism to do international humanitarian work to make the world a better and safer place. Shari works as a communication officer at UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, in Bangladesh. Yuk-hang is a London-based policy manager for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), an international nonprofit that finances research to develop vaccines.
9 July 2024

Robin Pang

BJ 2008, Robin Pang, Director of Relationship Manager, HSBC Global Private Banking Division
Having built a successful career at HSBC, Robin Pang is now a director at the bank’s global private banking division. Part of the "Magic 20," the first cohort of the BJ programme at the JMSC, he pursued a double degree in journalism and finance. Robin attributes his career success to empathy and lifelong learning.
9 July 2024

Lukas Messmer

MJ 2015, Lukas Messmer, Southeast Asia correspondent, Swiss Radio and Television
Swiss journalist Lukas Messmer worked as a broadcast journalist after studying at the JMSC. Based in Bangkok, he is currently the Southeast Asia correspondent for the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). Lukas is always on the lookout for human interest stories. For his report on the South China Sea conflict, he sailed with Filipino fishermen to capture how the territorial row affected the lives of ordinary people.
8 July 2024

Fion Li

BJ 2007, Fion Li, Deals Team, Bloomberg
Fion Li was part of the "Magic 20", the inaugural BJ cohort of the JMSC. At 31, Fion was promoted to Hong Kong bureau chief at Bloomberg, becoming one of the youngest bureau chiefs in the company’s history. She recently stepped down as the leader of Bloomberg’s Asia Deals team and will take on a new challenge at Bloomberg's Europe headquarters in London this year.
8 July 2024

Jennifer Jett

MJ 2011, Jennifer Jett, Asia Digital Editor, NBC News
Life is full of surprises for American journalist Jennifer Jett. She dreamed of becoming a political journalist in Washington, DC, but she ended up staying in Asia after graduating from the JMSC. After working at the International Herald Tribune — later rebranded as the International New York Times — for a decade, she is now the Asia digital editor for NBC News.