25 August 2019

Jeffrey Timmermans defines “Financial Journalism”

Dr. Jeffrey Timmermans defines “Financial Journalism” for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia (ORE) of Communication. From 28 August, the Encyclopedia will have a new 11,000-word entry on Financial Journalism that traces the long history of financial journalism and […]
22 August 2019

How China uses Twitter and Facebook to share disinformation about Hong Kong

19 August 2019

The Hong Kong protests are the inevitable effect of an impossible system

16 August 2019

Social media has become a battleground in Hong Kong’s protests

15 August 2019

After airport mayhem, Hong Kong protesters face tipping point in battle for hearts and minds

15 August 2019

Stop Hoax Indonesia program to educate internet users in 17 cities

15 August 2019

Hong Kong isn’t just battling on the streets: There is also a war on misinformation online

15 July 2019

China’s censored histories: The struggle to carry memories of the Tiananmen Massacre into the future