15 July 2019

Hong Kong protesters smash way into legislative building on anniversary of Chinese rule

10 July 2019

Five myths about Hong Kong

10 July 2019

The fight for Hong Kong

10 July 2019

Can China’s communist party go against its own grain, give Hong Kong space to run its affairs?

3 June 2019

Across China, Who Remembers Tiananmen?

1 June 2019

Ruby Yang named Artist of the Year for Film

Ruby Yang, project director of the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative  (HKDI), was named Artist of the Year for Film at the 2018 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. This is the first time documentary filmmakers have been […]
31 May 2019

The art of getting Tiananmen Square crackdown onto Chinese social media, from a rock star to a line of rubber ducks

30 May 2019

Asia should not bet on Democrats on trade