24 October 2015

Amanda Wong

MJ 2015, Assistant News Editor, Bloomberg TV
'A year ago, I found myself in a foreign country with fears, my share of doubts, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. A year later, I have experience covering a protest, I've made a documentary, and I've attended events from tattoo conventions to The Asian Film Awards. Since completing the programme, I've been offered a position with Bloomberg TV. With the company, I've had opportunities to work in the studio, be the media manager, be the Assistant Assignment Editor, and the opportunity to script and field produce. The JMSC equipped me with the skills to be able to undertake these challenges and confidently call myself a journalist and videographer.'
24 October 2015

Kevin Cureau

MJ 2014, Multimedia Producer, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)
'I wanted a hands-on learning experience and the MJ programme gave me that. We got to learn how to use video and photo equipment and lights, how to record an interview properly and edit videos using the same software used in the journalism industry. The professors and staff were very helpful in teaching me how to tell a story with images and videos, something I do every day at my job. The reporting skills learned in class allow me to get the details right when writing a story. Because the digital age gives easy access to tons of information, it's important to get everything right before publishing it.'
29 September 2015

The best of both worlds? Integrating a MOOC into on-campus teaching

In this talk, Dr. Kajimoto shares the findings of his investigation into the behavioral data mined through the MOOC in order to illustrate what educators could learn from the learning analytics in terms of curriculum development, instructional design strategies and other pedagogical planning. He then discusses how he has integrated the MOOC into his on-campus teaching.
30 August 2015

About the programme

The Master of Journalism (MJ) programme attracts talented students from all over the world, and is taught by a faculty of experienced journalists and media scholars who have had decades of experience in responsible positions in the global news industry. Many courses are taught by adjuncts who are practising journalists in international news organisations such as The New York Times, CNN and The Wall Street Journal.
28 August 2015

Application details

The Master of Journalism course is a one year full-time or two year part-time course. Students learn the core skills of journalism—reporting and writing, television and video production, and digital journalism. They also take elective courses in a range of subjects from business and finance to public health and documentary film.
24 August 2015


24 August 2015

Master of Journalism internships

The JMSC faculty’s networks with leading international media organisations have helped build one of the most dynamic journalism internship programmes in the world.
24 August 2015

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