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28 August 2015

About the programme

Message from Kevin Sites, Director of the MJ Programme:

Politicians are quick to shout, “fake news” about truthful reporting they don’t like, while teams of sponsored trolls use social media to hype made-up stories that exploit misunderstandings and sow doubt. People are not just confused. They’re becoming cynical.

And that’s why we think it’s a great time to be a journalist.

The world needs us now more than ever. If you’re ready to join the fight, we’ll show you the way. If you’re already in the fight we’ll make you better.

In just nine months, only two semesters, we’ll work you harder than you’ve ever worked before and by the end you’ll thank us for it. By then you’ll be professionally-trained, digitally-equipped, highly-competitive, professional-caliber journalist ready, not just for a career, but a calling.

Because of our specially designed Core Focused Curriculum or CFC, our Master of Journalism (MJ) programme is considered to be one of Asia’s most challenging and cutting edge. With the CFC we cut out the non-essentials and drill down on the three keys, the three skill sets you need to go pro:

1. Reporting/Writing
2. Visual/Audio Storytelling Techniques
3. Digital/Data Tools

You’ll get two full semesters of all three skills. We front load the first semester with compulsory basics in the three keys. The second provides greater depth while allowing for a broader range of choices including specializations, like documentary, business news and covering China.


At the JMSC the world is our classroom, but our classroom is also the world.

Because we attract talented students from around the globe, it’s likely you’ll be learning with citizens from as many as a dozen different nations, sometimes more. And that’s a lesson in itself. It’s also a future network of friends and fellow graduates to help you in your journalism journey.

And you don’t have to take our word for it (good journalists always verify) you can talk to our alumni and see where they ended up, places like South China Morning Post, The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Vice Media, and the Wall Street Journal. The same kind of top-notch journalism organizations our faculty have worked, or, in most cases, are still working.

So if you’re committed to the truth and ready to walk with those who witness history,

like we said, it’s a great time to be a journalist.