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28 August 2015

About the programme

The world has never needed well-trained journalists more than right now.

An anti-intellectual war on facts is being waged. People and organisations are pushing their agendas with manipulations and distortions of the truth and even outright lies. Social media is awash in unclear and unverified information presented as “truth”.

Journalists have the opportunity to push back against this assault on knowledge by presenting fair, balanced, well-researched reporting to the public.  At HKU Journalism, we can teach you how.

Our nine-month, two-semester programme will prepare you for these challenges. Whether you’re new to reporting or a mid-career journalist seeking to update and refresh their skills, we have what you need.

It won’t be easy. Earning an HKU Master of Journalism degree may be the hardest challenge you have ever faced. But once you have completed the programme, you will be a different person, changed for the better.

Our specially designed Core Focused Curriculum (CFC) makes our Master of Journalism (MJ) programme one of Asia’s most challenging and cutting edge. Our focus is on doing, not simply theory. The CFC will equip you with the three core skill sets you need in today’s professional journalism world:

  1. Reporting/Writing
  2. Visual/Audio Storytelling Techniques
  3. Digital/Data Tools

You’ll get two full semesters of all three skills. The first semester is focused on compulsory basics. The second semester provides greater depth while offering a broader range of choices including specializations such as documentary, business news, podcasting and covering China.

We offer these courses with international standards in an international environment. It’s likely you’ll be learning with classmates from a dozen different nations, sometimes more. You will learn from each other and develop a network of friends and contacts to help you in your future journalism journey.

Our alumni have gone on to jobs at the South China Morning Post, The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Vice Media, AFP, Reuters, AP, the Wall Street Journal and many other respected news brands. These are same kind of top-notch journalism organizations where our faculty have worked, or, in many cases, are still working.

So, if you’re ready to join the essential pursuit of truth, we will equip you with what you need for that exciting, satisfying mission.