About the programme

About the programme
The Master of Journalism (MJ) programme attracts talented students from all over the world, and is taught by a faculty of experienced journalists and media scholars who have had decades of experience in responsible positions in the global news industry. Many courses are taught by adjuncts who are practising journalists in international news organisations such as the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

We take between 70 and 80 students a year from a variety of countries and regions around the world and professional backgrounds, and in nine months of full-time study teach the tools, skills and values that a journalist in the digital age requires. Many of our students have come from other professions and have taken this course to embark on new careers as journalists.

Programme structure
The Master of Journalism degree can be achieved in a one-year, full-time or a two-year, part-time course of study. Students learn the core skills of journalism—reporting and writing, television and video production, digital media, and media law, standards and ethics. They are also offered a wide range of elective courses, including global affairs reporting, business and financial reporting, covering China, photojournalism, data journalism, and documentary filmmaking.

Typical MJ courses on offer include:

  • Reporting and Writing*
  • Digital Journalism Principles and Tools*
  • Media Law and Ethics*
  • Video News Production*
  • Master’s Project (capstone)*
  • Readings in China Media and Society
  • Interpreting and Using Business Journalism in a Global Era
  • Long Form and Feature Writing
  • Global Financial Journalism
  • Covering China
  • Data Journalism
  • Reporting Global Affairs
  • Documentary Video Production
  • Digital Media Entrepreneurship
  • Photojournalism
  • Writing and Production for TV / Video News
  • Social Media Analytics for Journalists
  • Research Methods for Media Studies
  • A non-journalism elective

* Compulsory courses

Our teaching philosophy
We prepare students to practise truthful, honest, high quality journalism in a media environment that has been transformed by the digital revolution. We teach students the traditional journalistic values of reporting verified facts and train them to use new technology and tools.