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6 September 2011
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12 September 2011

New RTHK Finance Programme Co-Fronted by JMSC Alumnus

Hong Kong’s RTHK Radio 3 launched a new business and finance show on September 5, 2011 co-fronted by recent MJ graduate, Reenita Malhotra Hora.


Bryan Curtis and Reenita Malhotra Hora

Money for Nothing is also co-produced and co-presented by RTHK’s Bryan Curtis and looks at a wide range of business and finance issues: markets; companies; science; the environment; China; Asia; law; the media; online business and more.

“I am producing and co-presenting the show,” said Malhotra Hora (MJ 2011).

“This means booking guests, crafting content, going out to interview people and then turning their interviews into pre-recorded segments and also waking up early to capture the overnight (US/Europe) financial news coming in on the newswires.”

Malhotra Hora studied Angharad Law‘s Radio News Production class during her Master of Journalism course last year.

“My radio class critical in helping me understand the nuts and bolts of how to work in the broadcast business,” said Malhotra Hora.

“Even though I had worked as a freelancer, radio was an entirely new medium for me. I quickly came to grips with things like audio recording and editing, writing for radio and figuring out how to get interviewees who are not audio shy.”

She also credited Jeff Timmermans‘ Financial Journalism class: “Even though this was geared towards print journalism, it was incredibly useful to understand nut-graf setups as I find myself applying them to radio stories too.”

Malhotra Hora is already enjoying the challenge.

“It’s definitely a high adrenalin job, partly because you get to meet and coordinate with absolute heads of industry but also because the content of the show is always decided the day before and so I have just a few hours to book guests, craft the content and research the topic,” Malhotra Hora said.

Money for Nothing airs each weekday morning at 8 am on Radio 3. Show podcasts are also available on the RTHK website following the show each day.