10 October 2009

Lecure: i-Reporting by Ann Olson – Updated with podcast

Ann Olson on i-journalism today from JMSC HKU on Vimeo. Veteran journalist Ann Olson addressed JMSC students on the opportunities for journalists in this digital age. The talk was for MJ students taking the JMSC6091 […]
10 October 2009

New student intake the most geographically diverse to date

Students admitted to the JMSC for the 2009-10 academic year hail from 20 countries and territories, the most international group to enter the programme since its inception.
10 October 2009

Freelancing Can Work – But It Takes Organisation

JMSC students and alumni provide tips and suggestions to inspire aspiring freelancers.
5 September 2009

Tensions High after Urumqi Unrest

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, was quoted in an article forAl Jazeera.net, dated September 5, 2009: Tensions high after Urumqi unrest
25 July 2009

China Launches Arabic TV Channel

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, is quoted in an article for Al Jazeera.net, dated July, 25, 2009:  China launches Arabic TV channel
13 June 2009

Here is the News: TV Host Accused of Spying

David Bandurski, JMSC Research Associate, is quoted in an article by The Sydney Morning Herald, dated June 13, 2009: Here is the news: TV host accused of spying