10 October 2018

Eva Tam

MJ 2012, Multimedia Producer, The Wall Street Journal
'I believe that all you need is a lucky break to make it into journalism. However, luck only presents itself when one's preparation meets opportunity. The JMSC programme prepared me through practical classes such as broadcast writing, online journalism and documentary video production. But what makes this programme stand out from other journalism schools are the extensive networking opportunities that helped me land my big break.'
9 October 2018

Venus Feng

Venus Feng, Reporter, Bloomberg Master of Journalism 2015 Most of JMSC’s courses require hand-on experience and help you understand new concepts or skills through exercises. Teachers will encourage you to try different tasks and develop […]
5 October 2018

Tamsyn Burgmann

Tamsyn Burgmann, Editor, The New York Times Master of Journalism 2017 “Journalism, for me, is a calling and one the JMSC answered heartily. I got to pick the brains of our craft’s legends in Asia. […]
5 October 2018

Ernest Chan

Ernest Chan, Reporter, Financial Times Master of Journalism 2017 “The MJ programme represented a career switch for me after several years working in tech in Hong Kong. The experience brought me up to speed with some […]
28 August 2018

Behind social media – privacy and free speech (4 Sep)

The internet and, in particular social media platforms are enjoying an increasing level of influence. However, technology brings both convenience and risks: our personal information is vulnerable online, and people may be held liable for […]
28 February 2017

Profile: Greg Sung discovers himself through his startup businesses

by Echo Huang | Jan 4, 2016 Wearing a deep grey Polo shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of sneakers, 36-year-old Gregory Sung is like any other man you would see […]
28 February 2017

Five things you didn’t know about sleeping

By Charles Kan We all know sleep is essential to every human being, yet city dwellers are not fully aware of the implications of not having a good night’s sleep. Constant yawning and dragging your […]
28 February 2017

Grandma Leong literally hits the bad spirits away

by MaggieTan | Jan 4, 2016 “Good fortune for you! Good fortune for you!” Surrounded by iconoclasts of the goddess of compassion and god of war, Grandma Leong conjured invisible forces and began to hit […]