By Sasa Vucinic, Co-founder and Managing Partner of media investment fund, North Base Media

Date/Time: April 8, 6:30-7:30pm
Venue: DM Lab, Eliot Hall, The University of Hong Kong

Sasa Vucinic, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of media investment fund North Base Media (, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in digital media. Vucinic will share his two decades of experience in media investing. The discussion will include both general observations on the state of media investing as well as some hands-on advice for media entrepreneurs who are considering raising funds from institutional investors like venture capital funds.

The lecture and discussion will be open to the entire University community.

Sasa Vucinic has won wide recognition from TED, the Ashoka Foundation and the World Economic Forum for his pioneering approach to independent media investing. Vucinic began his career as an independent journalist and media executive, leading Serbia’s pioneering independent radio station B92 during last years of the Yugoslav Republic. Vucinic was the Founder and first CEO of media investment firm Media Development Loan Fund (now Media Development Investment Fund), leaving in 2011 to explore new innovations in media finance and entrepreneurship. Vucinic co-founded North Base Media in 2014 with partners from The Washington Post and Reuters.

8 April 2015

JMSC Startup Seminar: Raising funds for Digital Media: Opportunities and Challenges

Sasa Vucinic, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of media investment fund North Base Media (, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in digital media.
31 March 2015

Fighting for the Future of International News

Sennott will share why he believes the ad-supported model is a failure and how he hopes to make GlobalPost/GroundTruth a unique 'hybrid' with a for-profit publishing platform and a non-profit, mission driven arm that produces high-end social justice journalism.
25 March 2015

中國傳媒: 能否守住底線? 一位西部女記者的親歷

24 March 2015

Accidental Antagonists or Inevitable Enemies? China and Japan in Asia and Beyond

Professor Odd Arne Westad surveys the past history of relations between Japan and China and suggests how these two states might deal with each other in future. This is the third of a series of lectures by Prof. Westad on China’s relations with other Asian powers.
23 March 2015

Computer-mediated risk perception and communication unplugged: A critical assessment of the tools of risk governance in the digital age

Dr. Jamie Wardman offers a personal history of important advances and trends in the evolution of ‘computer-mediated risk perception and communication’ over the past twenty years.
19 March 2015

Asia Chats: Analyzing security and privacy of mobile messaging apps

The growth of applications like WeChat, Line, and KakaoTalk have raised questions about the pressures they may face in specific jurisdictions to censor or monitor communications and provide governments with user data. Masashi Crete-Nishihata, from Citizen Lab, will present his research on these issues, as well as how these companies may respond to these demands.
17 March 2015


27 February 2015

JMSC Research Seminar: The Freedom of Critical Thinking: News Literacy Education in Authoritarian States in Asia

In this talk Dr. Kajimoto examines how university educators in Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar adapted a news literacy curriculum initially designed for the students in democratic societies.