23 November 2012

Global Health Programs Fail to Meet Real Needs warns JMSC Master of Journalism Director

Global health programmes aimed at specific diseases fail to meet the broader health needs of the local communities they have been set up to help, according to the Director of the JMSC’s Master of Journalism […]
29 June 2010

Professor Ying Chan Comments on Creative Commons Hong Kong

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, was quoted in an article by the Hong Kong-based English-language daily, the South China Morning Post, about the slow uptake of Creative Commons here. A flexible copyright licence enables anyone […]
27 April 2010

IMC: Mainland Media No Monolith — Hu Shuli, the “most feared woman in China”

Hu Shuli, one of mainland China’s most influential journalists, rejected widely held Western perceptions that the Chinese media are a monolithic state-dominated institution.
27 November 2009

Professor Ying Chan Contributes Op-Ed to New York Times

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, has contributed an Op-Ed to the New York Times, China dated November, 11, 2009: In the propaganda skirmish, Beijing outmaneuvered the U.S. president at nearly every turn
5 September 2009

Tensions High after Urumqi Unrest

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, was quoted in an article forAl Jazeera.net, dated September 5, 2009: Tensions high after Urumqi unrest
25 July 2009

China Launches Arabic TV Channel

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, is quoted in an article for Al Jazeera.net, dated July, 25, 2009:  China launches Arabic TV channel
13 June 2009

Here is the News: TV Host Accused of Spying

David Bandurski, JMSC Research Associate, is quoted in an article by The Sydney Morning Herald, dated June 13, 2009: Here is the news: TV host accused of spying