10 October 2009


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10 October 2009


25 September 2009

Career Openings & Internships

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14 September 2009


Our exchange programme permits students to apply for semester- or year-long exchange programmes at top j-schools (and vice versa) in Europe and the United States. Through a separately run HKU programme, students also may apply for exchange opportunities at more than 100 other universities.
12 September 2009

How to donate to the William F. Woo Memorial Journalism Education Fund

The William F. Woo Memorial Journalism Education Fund pays to send Mainland Chinese journalists to Hong Kong and the United States to study journalism. The family requests that memorial contributions be made to the William F. Woo Memorial Journalism Education Fund at The University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong. To donate to this fund, please download the following donation form here.
5 September 2009

Tensions High after Urumqi Unrest

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, was quoted in an article forAl Jazeera.net, dated September 5, 2009: Tensions high after Urumqi unrest
25 July 2009

China Launches Arabic TV Channel

Professor Ying Chan, JMSC Director, is quoted in an article for Al Jazeera.net, dated July, 25, 2009:  China launches Arabic TV channel
13 June 2009

Here is the News: TV Host Accused of Spying

David Bandurski, JMSC Research Associate, is quoted in an article by The Sydney Morning Herald, dated June 13, 2009: Here is the news: TV host accused of spying