27 October 2010

JMSC Alumni News Anchors

One of the more glamorous career paths that JMSC graduates choose is to become a TV news reporter or anchor. Many JMSC alumni of both Bachelor and Master programmes have ended up on screen for TV […]
27 October 2010

Editor-in-chief of Reuters News David Schlesinger at JMSC on Oct 15, 2010

What in the world are you studying journalism for? Reflections on professionalism and relevancy in an age of seismic change. October 15, 2010 at the JMSC, HKU. (Read our full review)
26 October 2010

JMSC Funding Awards

The JMSC has received several funding awards this semester for both research and teaching. Dr. Fu King-wa, a Research Assistant Professor at the JMSC, has been successful in gaining two awards. The first is an […]
25 October 2010

MJ Alumna Reports in Afghanistan

Bethany Matta (MJ 2010) has arrived in Kabul ready to work as a freelance reporter. She sent the report below to the JMSC to describe her first week in the capital of Afghanistan: “I arrived […]
15 October 2010

Reuters Editor-in-Chief: Think Like a Publisher

by Jennifer Jett (MJ 2011) Journalists must adapt to changes in the industry by providing more analysis and considering the needs of their audience, said David Schlesinger, Editor-in-Chief of Reuters News at Thomson Reuters. Schlesinger […]
15 October 2010

Oct 18-22: Media Tech Skills Workshops

The JMSC is offering students workshop modules to enhance their media skills during reading week. The classes are voluntary two-hour sessions for those who want to explore advanced features, or feel they need a quick […]
14 October 2010

China Media Project Breaks “Open Letter” News in English

The JMSC’s China Media Project was the first to break the big news in English this week of an open letter sent by former Party leaders to the National People’s Congress, calling for freedom of […]
11 October 2010

China Media Project Fellow Questions Brand China

Chang Ping, a senior research fellow at the Southern Metropolis Communication Institute, a regular columnist for several newspapers in China and a fellow of HKU’s China Media Project, analysed the branding of China in the […]