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25 October 2010
Editor-in-chief of Reuters News David Schlesinger at JMSC on Oct 15, 2010
27 October 2010

JMSC Funding Awards

The JMSC has received several funding awards this semester for both research and teaching.

Dr. Fu King-wa

Dr. Fu King-wa, a Research Assistant Professor at the JMSC, has been successful in gaining two awards.

The first is an award of more than HK$475,000 to study the “Development and Evaluation of a Theory Guided Mental Health Promotion Programme for Enhancement of Help-Seeking Behaviour and Attitude in Hong Kong”. This award comes from General Research Fund (GRF) of the University Grants Council, an organisation which provides funding to all the universities in Hong Kong.

The second is an award of more than HK$900,000 from the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Government to study “Understanding and Analysing Online Public Opinion in Hong Kong Cyberspace”. This award comes from the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Government.

Both of these areas are of keen interest to Dr. Fu whose research focuses on the media’s influence on mental health/suicide, health communication, research method, measurement, and statistics in journalism.

Dr. Miklos Sukosd, an Associate Professor at the JMSC, has won nearly HK$350,000 to research “Media Pluralism in Asia: Case Studies of Hong Kong and China”. The award also comes from the GRF. Dr. Sukosd’s research interests include political communication and democratic performance of the media in post-communist states, media law, regulation and democratisation in post-communist states, environmental politics, and communications.

In addition to these research awards, the Common Core Curriculum provided the JMSC with funding for three teaching assistants in August.