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31 May 2023
New Courses Offered in 2023-24
3 October 2023

Introduce our New Teachers – Accomplished Professionals with Extensive Expertise

We have brought on board many accomplished professionals with extensive expertise to deliver some of our newest courses.
Julian, the current managing director of Jervois One (HK) Limited, brings over 12 years of award-winning journalism expertise to the table. Prior to his role, he served as the Political Assistant to the Financial Secretary of the HKSAR government and  played a pivotal role in spearheading a successful campaign to support a candidate for the Chief Executive position in Hong Kong. Julian will impart his wealth of experience in the Public Communication, Campaigns, and Engagement course.
Yolanda is an award-winning cross-disciplinary professional with experience in digital media, data journalism, social innovation and international development. With almost a decade with the United Nations based first in Bangkok and later in New York, Yolanda has held multiple roles on communications, partnerships, and policy advisory. Her career started in Hong Kong, where she served as the first social media editor at the South China Morning Post, and later led pioneering data visualization products at Thomson Reuters. She will be teaching the course Media, Technology, and Society, and Storytelling for Social Impact: International Perspectives and Practices.
Andrew’s diverse background includes working as a bilingual reporter for TVB News before pursuing a career in law. His expertise extends to teaching public law and media law at tertiary institutions and co-authoring the inaugural title in the Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong series, “Judicial Review.” At JMSC, he will be sharing his expertise by teaching the Media Law and Ethics course.