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3 October 2023
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7 November 2023

New Courses Offered in 2023-24


We are bringing you a variety of new courses that not only address the emerging trends and challenges seen in our media landscape, but also prepare you to become a multifaceted journalist.

  • News Literacy and Digital Factchecking (New Core Course)
    “News literacy” is essential in modern society with the rise of misinformation we see everyday. In order to navigate through modern media content, we need to understand the complexity of “information disorder” and its associated elements. Designated as a core course this year, students will be equipped with the necessary tools and techniques used by professional fact-checkers to foster advanced digital skills and analytical thinking to effectively combat misinformation.
  • Generative AI for Media Applications
    Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, and journalism and media are no exception to this advanced technology. Through this course, students will explore machine learning, established applications, and ethical considerations through hands-on learning. Get ready to learn theoretical knowledge in prompt design, text, image, video generation, deep fakes, news generation, and fact-checking to prepare you for modern day journalism.
  • Public Communication, Campaigns, and Engagement
    Media is all around us, but what do creators do to grab their audience’s attention? This course teaches the art of planning and managing communication campaigns for public engagement. Students will master real-world strategies and hands-on tactics for effective communication planning through case studies and practical projects.
  • Media, Technology and Society
    This comparative course examines the connection between media, technology, and society in our digital world. Students will explore the impact of digital advancements in various mediums, as well as its ethical implications. From social media to artificial intelligence, this course unveils the inevitable connection between human and technology.
  • Storytelling for Social Impact: International Perspectives and Practices
    This course emphasises the power of storytelling in addressing social issues, engaging grassroots communities, and fostering cross-border collaborations. Students will explore innovative storytelling approaches, including the use of technologies such as data visualisation, signal sensors, and drone and satellite images in hopes of driving social impact.

Student work: The images above were generated by Mid-Journey (AI image generating tools) in our Generative AI for Media Applications class.