Jack Lau
28 October 2020
Jason Xue Chi
27 October 2021

Caroline Tam

MJ 2021, Caroline Tam, English reporter, Kyodo News

HKU Journalism pushes you directly into the deep end in order to shape its students into the best journalists they can be. In the span of a year, we were taught all the skills we need to thrive as a journalist, whether that be to write, report, film or interview. Despite joined the program with no prior background in journalism, I now work as a reporter full-time and feel confident in my abilities as a journalist.

The program also had some of the best instructors and mentors that I could’ve asked for. Although there were times during my study when I felt lost, I always felt supported by passionate professors who were always willing to lend an ear and provide guidance.

Although MJ was as time-consuming and demanding as advertised, looking back, I can truly say that it was worth it.