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27 October 2021
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27 October 2021

Amy Sood



MJ 2021, Amy Sood, Asia Reporter, SCMP, and FCC Clare Hollingworth Fellow (2021-2022)

The master’s programme at HKU Journalism has been instrumental in my experience in starting out as an early-career journalist. As someone with very minimal experience in journalism before I started the programme, I was glad to be exposed to a broad range of skills which are increasingly important for reporters today – including video, digital, and data journalism.

HKU Journalism also allows for a lot of hands-on and practical experience through not only through class projects, but also through internships. I am especially grateful for our career counsellor as well as the lecturers and academic staff who provided me with the guidance I needed to start out my career as a journalist.

Through the programme, I was able to land internships at AFP, NBC News and CNN. After graduating, I started working full-time with AFP’s fact-check team, and have since joined SCMP’s Asia Desk as a reporter covering breaking and trending news stories from across Asia.

Being an international student, I was drawn to pursuing journalism in Hong Kong as it offers a great vantage point to cover stories throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This was further enhanced by the diverse and international perspectives of your peers and lecturers at the school.

Overall, I found my experience at HKU Journalism to be very rewarding. It left me feeling prepared to step into a professional career as a journalist within one short year.