Amy Sood
27 October 2021
Zixu Wang
26 September 2022

Aimee Moon

MJ 2021, Aimee Moon, Newsroom Fellow, WBUR, Boston

From 2018 to 2021, I was a part-time Master of Journalism student and worked full-time for Google. While I was working in news and publishing for the private sector, I also wanted to gain editorial skills for the newsroom. I felt HKU offered the best option for me because of JMSC’s commitment to journalistic ethics and principles, the diverse and reputable faculty, and the chance to gain hands-on experience in a historically and politically significant city.

As a part-time student and a new parent during the COVID-19 pandemic, my path through the MJ program wasn’t a typical one. Even as I took a semester off when my son was born, I was able to make the most of my time through the support of the faculty and the variety of curriculum options at JMSC.

My most memorable moments in the program were formed while I was learning how to report for the first time – from using my student press pass to interview a pro-democracy party chairman during the 2019 protests, to lining up alongside TV cameras at the Court of Appeal to cover the verdict of a civil liberties case. I also loved learning more about broadcast media and production, and took full advantage of JMSC’s studio and recording facilities.

I’m thankful for my time at JMSC and the ways that the MJ program have shaped my understanding of news from an Asia-Pacific and global perspective.