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12 January 2016
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18 January 2016

Investigating the immortal dragon

Dragons feature heavily in Asian culture and are popular in modern TV programmes and films around the world, but what is the dragon―as a creature, and a concept―really all about?

A podcast produced by Bachelor of Journalism (BJ) students as part of the Introduction to Audio production course at the JMSC looks at the mythical creatures and examines what they represent to different people in Hong Kong.

A kung fu grand master, players at a gaming arcade, dragon boat team captains and tattoo artists―who explain that dragons represent strength and power to their customers―all share their thoughts.

The podcast, which was an end-of-class project, shows how quickly students can progress to using sound creatively to tell a rich and varied story and paint visual pictures.

BJs Amrita Daryanani, Amrita Mangho, Bobby Chan Chiu Chun and Dominic Chan Yik Ki, who produced the podcast, conclude that: ‘Dragons are more than fairytale creatures―they exist within each one of us. … It is the fire of the dragon within you that matters.’

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