China transformed Hong Kong into a typical mainland city, almost overnight
17 August 2020
Supriya Batra
27 August 2020

Kinnie Li

BJ 2018, Kinnie Li, Fellow, Teach For Hong Kong

“I’ve never ever imagined one day I would be standing in front of a class of nine-year-old kids instead of a camera before completing my degree at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre. Four years ago, I aspired to become an inspiring, truth-seeking journalist. Yet, the curriculum and my experience at HKU Journalism opened my eyes, eventually leading me to understand the underlying problems in our society.”

Kinnie double majored in Journalism and Politics and Public Administration and spent a semester abroad at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She interned with four organizations during her time at HKU, including CNN and Voice of America. For her first field assignment at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Kinnie covered the Umbrella Movement and discovered her passion in making Hong Kong a fairer society.

She is currently a teaching fellow at Teach for Hong Kong and is driven to inspire her students to becoming conscientious and objective citizens.