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Media-X: Cultivating media innovation in Asia

Media-X to cultivate Asia’s next generation of
media innovators and entrepreneurs


Hong Kong, 23 January 2019 –The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) at The University of Hong Kong today announced the creation of Media-X, a prototype fund to promote media and social enterprise innovation.  

In today’s rapidly evolving world, media’s impact on society is greater and more important than ever. Media-X will focus on media solutions to problems arising from the impact of rapid modernisation and urbanisation on communities in the region.

The new initiative will be guided by an advisory board of media industry professionals, academics and prominent business innovators. The board will be chaired by Ruby Yang, an Oscar-winning documentarian and professor at the JMSC, and co-ordinated by Ross Settles, a media business veteran and professor at the JMSC.

Through an annual R&D awards and mentorship programme, Media-X will create a unique opportunity for regional entrepreneurs working in Chinese or English to develop media solutions to business, social or community problems in a commercially sustainable way. Media start-ups and entrepreneurs will be mentored through a process that will lead to a pitch-off to the Media-X advisory board, which will determine allocation of funds on an annual basis.

Ruby Yang, chairperson of the Media-X Advisory Board, whose documentaries have often chronicled the experience of communities facing rapid urbanisation, said, “Media-X will be an enabler of ideas and solutions. I am looking forward to seeing the most innovative solutions from all the creative and entrepreneurial talent in the region.”  

The Xu Family Charitable Foundation has contributed seed funding for media and social enterprise innovation focused initially on education, the elderly, and other underserved communities in the region. The Foundation is the family fund of Dr. Eric Xu Yong, co-founder of Baidu, and is a non-public grant-making foundation registered in Hong Kong. The Foundation supports public welfare programmes and non-governmental public welfare organisations that are in line with social welfare or conducive to social development.

Dr. Xu said, “This is an exciting development for the region. With its history of media innovation, the JMSC is the ideal institution to lead the charge. I would like to invite and encourage others out there who are interested in supporting this programme to further contribute seed funding to Media-X. Together, we can help to create truly impactful media solutions for our region.

Media-X will be administered and managed by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre. The JMSC has long been a leader in applying digital media tools and innovations to journalism, and is uniquely positioned to foster innovations in media. Based in Hong Kong, at the intersection of both international and Chinese media, JMSC’s global vantage point gives media entrepreneurs access to the best of both Chinese and international media start-up experience.

Keith Richburg, director of the JMSC, said, “As media face strong headwinds, investing and supporting innovative, community-focused media initiatives is critical for creating better societies. Media-X is just the first step the JMSC is taking to support media innovators and entrepreneurs and we look forward to working with other partners and charitable organisations to expand the focus and impact of the programme.  We thank the Xu Family Charitable Foundation for helping to bring Media-X to life.”

The University of Hong Kong is committed to fostering innovation in the regional economy and to address emerging social issues as the region rapidly modernizes. Motivated parties are welcomed to help grow Media-X through additional funding partnerships.

About JMSC
The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) of The University of Hong Kong has, since 1999, offered world-class professional journalism education at Asia’s premier university. Our experienced, highly skilled instructors and support staff enhance professional standards and bolster journalistic integrity through its teaching programmes, research, professional services and partnerships with media major outlets. The JMSC curriculum is designed to produce graduates for all types of local, regional and international media organisations. Our location in Hong Kong has us ideally positioned to train the next generation of journalists who will be telling China’s—and Asia’s—story to the world.

About Xu Family Charitable Foundation
Xu Family Charitable Foundation is a non-public grant-making foundation registered in Hong Kong, China, with initial funding of US$22 million. The Foundation subsidizes public welfare programmes and non-governmental public welfare organizations which are in line with social welfare or conducive to social development. Dr. Eric Xu Yong founded the Foundation on the basis of investing into and enabling people with the will to make a positive impact to society and the world.  He is dedicated to promoting the development of social welfare charities, positive and sustainable welfare organizations, as well as public philanthropy projects.

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