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14 December 2015
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11 January 2016

A fresh look at Hong Kong: JMSC undergraduates shine a light on social issues in the city through video projects

A report on how NGOs are trying to protect vulnerable children in HK’s poorest areas and the story of how hundreds in the city are facing a long wait for sex reassignment surgery are two of the recent videos produced by JMSC students.

The clips have been produced by undergraduates as part of the TV News Production course—an intensive programme where students are taught how to shoot, edit and tell impactful TV stories for a global audience.

Topics focus on social issues, news and events, lifestyle, traditions and sport, with students using JVC150 cameras and DSLRS, as well as mobile phones, to film the clips and then edit them in Adobe Premiere.

Visit the course’s YouTube channel here to explore the clips, or click on the individual links below:

Bobby C. Chan, Feather of hope – A mini documentary on how NGOs are trying to protect vulnerable children from drifting into the sex industry and drugs in HK’s poorest areas.

Gene Lin, ‘I just want to be a girl’ – Being transgender in Hong Kong – A story of hope and despair as hundreds of people face long waits for sex reassignment surgery in HK.

Lisa Kao, Spread love by boxed meals – Recent statistics show that one in three elderly people live in poverty in Hong Kong. A restaurant is trying to make a difference by distributing free meals.

Chanwoo Bang, Ling’s video and Korea – A portrait of YouTuber and blogger Ling Cheng who is passionate about all things Korean.

Theodora Yu, Sharing spaces, sharing lives – A report on the campaign for more public spaces in Hong Kong.

Un Kuan Sarah Wong, McShelter – What drives hundreds of people to sleep inside McDonald’s in Hong Kong?

Nayantara Bhat, Paper to skin: Life of a young tattooist – Jade Chung, a young tattoo artist in HK, has risen to professional level in a city where tattoos are still, to some extent, misunderstood.

Chaeun Channey Lee, Jumping far – Chan Ming Tai, Hong Kong’s record holder for long jump, juggles university with high-level training.

Hoi Yan Zoie Leung, Pianist in the dark – A brilliant story – Michelle Siu lost her sight when she was three months old. At 19, she is now an accomplished pianist and musician.

Yuen Tung Sarah Ma, Sneaker obsession – A young entrepreneur uses social media to help HK youths in their search for the perfect pair of sneakers.

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