Effective Writing for public communication
26 March 2015
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26 March 2015

Public Speaking

Instructor: Jeanne Lambin
Date/Time: May 4, 10 – 1pm & May 11, 10 – 1pm
Venue: DM Lab

Learn to craft powerful, persuasive and compelling presentations in this interactive workshop. Drawing on neuroscience, storytelling, and a background in academia, improvisation and theatre, acclaimed presenter and award-winning educator, Jeanne Lambin will teach specific strategies to help hone your public speaking and presentation skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a better understanding of current presentation trends, types and styles,
  • Be introduced to a brief overview of some recent studies on the science behind effective presentations,
  • Learn how storytelling and improvisation can help enhance improve presentation skills,
  • Develop an understanding of individual presentation strengths and weaknesses and also identify presentation style preferences,
  • Create strategies to strengthen existing skills and improve areas that need it and
  • Present effective presentations.

In addition, this workshop will cover: ​ preparing, rehearsing, and presenting; crafting a compelling story to engage the audience; coping with performance anxiety, and finding your authentic voice and presentation style.

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