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30 March 2015
JMSC Startup Seminar: Raising funds for Digital Media: Opportunities and Challenges
8 April 2015

Fighting for the Future of International News

Date/Time: April 1, 6:30-7:30pm
Venue: DM Lab, Eliot Hall, The University of Hong Kong

Charles Sennott

Charles Sennott

Charles Sennott will talk about reporting opportunities with his new not-for-profit reporting effort The GroundTruth. The Ground Truth “builds reporting teams around the world that produce in-depth and investigative work from under-covered corners of the world that focuses on social justice issues, such as human rights, emerging democracies, religious freedom, global health, the environment, freedom of expression and rising income inequality.”

Sennott will share why he believes the ad-supported model is a failure and how he hopes to make GlobalPost/GroundTruth a unique ‘hybrid’ with a for-profit publishing platform and a non-profit, mission driven arm that produces high-end social justice journalism.

The lecture and discussion will be open to the entire University community, so be sure to arrive early.


Award winning journalist and foreign correspondent Charles Sennott left the Boston Globe after 16 years to help launch the online foreign news site Global Post, where he was co-founder and executive editor.  Six years after the site was launched, Sennott and his team built an award-winning news organisation, but also had many failures. Essentially, after six years, GlobalPost is a serious editorial success but it still faces huge economic hurdles in becoming profitable. He will offer a glimpse inside a new media startup.