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26 March 2015
Ways to improve your digital communication outreach
26 March 2015

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Instructors: Darcy Christ, Chris Poon
Date/Time: May 6, 10 – 1pm & May 13, 10 – 1pm
Venue: DM Lab

Social Media has become the cornerstone of effective communication. Although having a web presence is essential, nothing works better than employing various social networks to extend your reach.

This course will prevent ways to use social media, specifically looking at Facebook, which is widely used in Hong Kong. We will also discuss the potential of Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, as well as other networks. In connection with your website, there are some simple and easy things that can be done to grow your network, allowing you to have an effective communication channel open and ready when it comes time to push an event, a programme or any other important changes within your organisation.

No experience with social networks is needed, although attendees should be comfortable using computers, so that they can begin to establish accounts and begin to outline a plan for their department.

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