WordPress for Beginners
26 March 2015
Developing a Social Media Strategy
26 March 2015

Advanced WordPress

Instructor: Darcy Christ
Date/Time: May 21, 2 – 5pm & May 28, 2 – 5pm
Venue: DM Lab

WordPress is a very versatile system, but after running it for a few years, there are many issues that arise. This workshop will present 10 simple things that all WordPress sites can employ right away, that improve performance and help to establish a more effective communication strategy. These include better use of taxonomies, page caches, social media plugins, child and responsive designed themes.

We will introduce simple ways to augment your frontend with css changes, as well as ways to improve the admin side for a better workflow.

This class requires that you are working on a standalone installation of WordPress which is not hosted on WordPress.com. This course can be taken by attendees of the WordPress for Beginners course. However, it is important that migration to a standalone server has occurred before this course. If necessarily, the JMSC can assist in this process between these two courses.

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