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28 April 2014
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29 April 2014

JMSC Student Awarded Prestigious Cambridge Scholarship

Billy Wong Shing-keung, a second-year Bachelor of Journalism student from Hong Kong, has been awarded the Pembroke-King Programme Scholarship at the University of Cambridge, one of four students in the world to receive the summer programme scholarship.

new billy wong pro pic_The scholarship supports an eight-week curriculum during which Wong will be taking a course on film and theatre journalism, as well as a narrative and creative writing class at the Pembroke College-National Academy of Writing.  He will also do individual research, and hopes to conduct a study on the choice of words in the media and how different media report the same news differently.

Wong, who interned at CCTV in Beijing last year and currently freelances at Bloomberg TV, says he’s excited about the programme. “I’m looking forward to the course on film and theatre journalism because it’s something I don’t get to learn in Hong Kong,” he said.

He also plans to visit the Globe Theatre in London and learn how to write theatre reviews, and to polish his writing skills in general. “Being able to write well and fast is essential for a career in journalism, so I hope this programme will help improve my language skills and deepen my global vision,” he said.

Wong credited the JMSC and Cambridge, along with personal initiative, for this unusual opportunity:  “I still believe, as long as you work hard, doors are always open,” he said.