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29 November 2012
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2 December 2012

JMSC Students Pick Up 45 Scholarships at Annual Student Prize Presentation Ceremony

Six students who won scholarships pose with JMSC programme directors (Left to Right): Alexis Lai (MJ, 2012), Nicholas Leung (BJ, 2013), James Chan (BJ, 2013), Thomas Abraham (MJ Director), Jeffrey Timmermans (BJ Director), Sanday Chongo Kabange (MJ, 2012), Kim Min Seok (BJ, 2014), and Xu Qian (MJ, 2012).

JMSC students took home a total of 45 scholarships at this year’s annual Student Prize Presentation Ceremony.

Providing students with subsidies and all, half, or a quarter of the tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year, the scholarships were made possible by a wide range of donors. The JMSC also raises money for scholarships and manages the award funds.

“We’re proud that a such a significant number of our students are being recognized for their academic achievement”, said JMSC Director Ying Chan.  “And that they even won scholarships outside of the ones awarded by the JMSC. It shows that their hard work is being recognized by more than just our department”.

Out of 88 students in the JMSC Bachelor of Journalism (BJ) and Master of Journalism (MJ) programmes, 36 won scholarships. Seven students were awarded not just one scholarship, but two, and one student picked up three.

Lisa Onland (BJ, 2012) won the C. V. Starr Scholarship, awarded to deserving students for international exchange programs; a Lee Shau Kee Scholarship for undergraduate students not from Hong Kong, and a Sir Man Kam Lo/Jardine Scholarship for both academic merit and work in community service and extra-curricular activities.

James Chan (BJ, 2013) won a Sir Man Kam Lo/Jardine Scholarship and an HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarship, which supports the development of students into global citizens.

Jain Suhani (BJ, 2012) won the Dayaram Scholarship for Students from India and an HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarship.

Kung Wing-kei (BJ, 2013) won a Li & Fung Scholarship, which enables students to participate in exchange programmes at overseas universities, and an SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarship, a subsidy for students on unpaid internships and in overseas training programs.

Nicholas Leung (BJ, 2013) won an SCMP Wah Kui Yat Po Journalism Scholarship and an HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarship.

Hua Lu (MJ, 2012) won an HKUGA Journalism Scholarship and an SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarship.

Tse Cho-yi (MJ, 2012) won the JMSC Young Journalist Scholarship, awarded to a young Hong Kong journalist working in local media, and an SCMP Wah Kui Yat Po Journalism Scholarship.

Yu Xinyan (MJ, 2012) won an JMSC Journalist Scholarship, awarded to a Mainland Chinese student with academic merit and a passion to pursue a career in journalism, and an SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarship.

Other winners included:

HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarships: Chen Ziyou (BJ, 2013), Cheung Ting (BJ, 2013), Lin Jueying (BJ, 2013), Jasmine Siu Leong-yan (BJ, 2013), Tong Wing-man (BJ, 2013), and Zakiyyah Zainah Binte Wahab (BJ, 2013).

JMSC Journalist Scholarships: Bai Jingyao (MJ, 2012), Liu Chang (MJ, 2012), and Peng Jiao (MJ, 2012).

SCMP Wah Kiu Yat Po Journalism Scholarships: Zhou Wenjia (MJ, 2012), Yu Yichun (MJ, 2012), Yang Yating (MJ, 2012), Xu Qian (MJ, 2012), Anne Berit Renzenbrink (MJ, 2012), Lionel Wilson Mok (MJ, 2012), Alexis Lai (MJ, 2012), Sanday Chongo Kabange (MJ, 2012), Cheung Oi-lun (MJ, 2012), Patrick Gebhard Boehler (MJ, 2012) and Paola Barisani (MJ, 2012).

HKU Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding International Students: won by Naushin Ahmed (BJ, 2014), Kadri Karolin Kouts (BJ, 2014), Lim Jeong-yeo (BJ, 2013), and Jaya Gopan Temily Tianmay (BJ, 2012).

HKU Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding Mainland Students: Yao Xiaotian (BJ, 2014) and Li Yan (BJ, 2012).

A Serena Yang Award, a social innovation and global citizenship internship, was won by  Ren Songyao (BJ, 2014).

The William F. Woo Memorial Scholarship, awarded to journalists from Mainland China who have contributed to press freedom, was won by Liu Jiayi  (MJ, 2012).

Organizations donating scholarships include the Wah Kiu Yat Po Reader’s Loan Fund for Post-Secondary School Students, which is managed by the South China Morning Post, The Starr Foundation, the Lee Shau Kee Foundation (李兆基基金), Jardine Matheson & Company Limited, the William F. Woo Memorial Journalism Education Fund, and the Hong Kong University Graduate Association Journalism Fund.

An article profiling four of the scholarship winners appeared on this website in January. A follow up article on the work some of the winners did during the 2011 – 2012 academic year was posted in May.