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11 May 2012
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23 May 2012

JMSC Summer Mini-Semester Gives MJs More Skills

Master of Journalism students are completing their credit requirements this month during the one-month long summer mini-semester.

They’ve had the choice of Reporting the Big Issues in Science, Documentary Video Production, News Editing, and Global Economic Journalism.

Nancy Tong with students

Documentary maker Nancy Tong is teaching Documentary Video Production.

“By the end of this course, students should be competent with the fundamentals in the production of documentary media: from conceptualizing an idea to production to editing,” said Tong. “They should also understand the impact of this form of media and recognize their responsibility as a practitioner of this social medium.”

Rusty Todd, visiting professor and director of Business Journalism, is teaching News Editing.

“We cover all aspects of copy editing, from headlines and other points of entry to writing cutlines and placing graphics,” Todd said. “We also learn how to plan a publication, whether it’s print or web.”

Sanday Chongo Kabange, a current Master of Journalism student, said the summer mini-semester helps shape one’s career path following graduation.

“It has allowed me to determine and decide what I’d like to do after classes end,” he said. “I am presently reading Reporting the Big Issues in Science with Professor Thomas Abraham because I want to fulfill the requirements for a special certificate in Heath, Science and Environment, as well as get into this line of journalism.”

“It’s not easy to decide immediately what you want to do after graduation,” Kabange said. “But once you are in the semi-semester, you are at least 99.9% sure of which career path you want to follow.”