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9 June 2011
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10 June 2011

JMSC Summer Internship Workshop

The JMSC will run two Summer Internship Workshops this July and August.

The two-week long internship workshops are designed for first year Bachelor of Journalism students to fulfill the department pre-internship requirement. This is the first year the JMSC has undertaken such a task.

BJ Year 1 Students

All Bachelor of Journalism students will have to attend before they can be placed as an intern in a media organisation. Only those who have undertaken an internship prior to studying at the JMSC will be exempt.

This summer, 24 BJ students will take part in activities involving video, web and multimedia production, including information research and media gathering.

The idea is that students gain hands-on experience of what a work placement is likely to entail in a controlled environment before they are placed in an external organisation. This should build up their confidence and also give them the necessary skills so that they can give their best to the organisation that takes them on board.

The workshops will take place during the first two weeks of July and August and will be run by JMSC Senior Teaching Consultant, Diane Stormont, with the help of two teaching assistants, Kevin Lau and AJ Libunao.

Students will be given work to do for Muse Magazine – finding cultural events and filing listings for the magazine’s iPhone application. They will also be asked to complete research for the magazine.

“JMSC interns are already in strong demand,” said Stormont. “This programme will hone their skills and hopefully, confidence, to enable them to hit the ground running when they go out into the real world. I’m confident it will put HKU students even further ahead of the pack.”