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28 March 2011
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JMSC ABC News on Campus Stories On Air

The JMSC ABC News on Campus Project has been busy with four stories broadcast or published on ABC’s website in recent weeks.

ABC News on Campus Team

The News on Campus project is a collaboration between the JMSC and the American network.

Students supply content and ABC either puts it to air or up online.

Richard Schuster and Shari Nijman covered the viral video sensation Matt Harding.

This piece was posted on the homepage of the ABC website and aired on World News Now.

Richard Schuster (MJ 2011)

“As English is my second language, to be able to say that the American ABC News aired our package with my voiceover, and that our work met the standards of one of the biggest names in TV, will definitely help to achieve my goals,” said Schuster.

“After some years of experience in broadcast news, I still screamed out loud when I found out that our news package got aired on ABC.”

Vanessa Ko, Maha Shah and Holly Ip did a piece about wine consumption in China posted on the business page of

Maha Shah (MJ 2011)

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw our story on ABC’s website!” said Shah. “A great team, a fun topic to film, and careful editing made the video possible. The experience helped me learn the ABCs of professional video journalism.”

Daniel Goodman, Richard Schuster and Adrian Wong covered Hong Kong’s growing fan base for indie rockers; this was posted online a week ago.

Lisa Onland, Kathleen Ngai and Carol Zhong’s report about exporting horse racing talent overseas, which featured a horse from the U.S., was posted online in mid-March.

The team credited the JMSC’s Honorary Lecturer, Rob McBride, and Director of Broadcasting, Jim Laurie, both veteran TV broadcasters, with helping them along the way.

“During the production of our video package, I experienced how lucky our ABC News on Campus team is to have Jim Laurie and Rob McBride on board,” said Schuster.

“They helped with our copy — sometimes in the middle of the night, commented on our video edit and helped with doing a voiceover in a foreign language. It was an opportunity that you could only get in the JMSC’s ABC News On Campus team.”

“For two years now, the ABC News Project has given our students an excellent way of showcasing their work,” said Laurie.

“In the case of the latest batch of stories from our team, ABC News benefits from a range of stories. Some of the stories, like Richard Schuster’s, are highly original and admittedly quirky. They provide ABC content very much beyond what you normally get from an establishment news organisation.”

Heidi Yeung is the JMSC ABC Bureau Chief.

“It’s really rewarding to see my team’s hard work finally making it onto ABC News on Campus and even on broadcast,” said Yeung.

“Every one of them has worked so hard on their stories, and it’s validating to know that not only were their ideas approved by ABC, but that they’ve also turned out to be great stories that others are interested in.

“At this point, because we’ve promised ABC 12 packages, I’m feeling ‘four down, eight to go’ on the one hand, and “bring it on!” on the other. I know my team will deliver though; they don’t disappoint.”