Sept 17 – 19: Eileen Chang Exhibition
14 September 2010
JMSC Research Seminar: The Flu Pandemic
14 September 2010

Sept 18: News Designers’ Salon in Shanghai

The Society for News Design (SND) is holding a News Designers’ Salon for the China chapter on Saturday 18 September.

The all-day event, which is sponsored by the JMSC and China Business News, will take place in the Shanghai Teaching Centre of The University of Hong Kong.

Shanghai is one of the JMSC's office location.

The SND is a global organisation that promotes excellence in visual journalism. Its members include art directors, designers, photographers, editors, reporters, website designers and coders.

The Society has successfully held a number of professional training workshops on news design and has around 100 members in Greater China. This salon is designed to serve its Chinese members and to establish a social platform for Chinese news designers aimed at facilitating professional discussion and cross-fertilisation of ideas.

The day’s speakers will include:
– Stacy Sweat, Award-winning Visual Designer with 28 years of experience, “The Differences and Similarities between Design for Newspapers and Design for Clients”
– Ye Rongzhen, Media Expert, “The Design Style of Digital Newspaper”
– Ying Chan, Director and Professor of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU, “New Trend of Journalism: The Visualization of Story-telling”
– Chang He, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Oriental Daily, “Embracing New Media”

The Shanghai Study Centre is a four-storey building located at the historical Post Office Building at No. 298, Beisuzhou Road, Hongkou District (上海虹口區北蘇州路298號). It overlooks Suzhou Creek and is north of the Bund.

Date: September 18, 2010
Time: 8am – 5pm
Venue: Shanghai Teaching Centre of The University of Hong Kong
Pre-registration is required. Deadline is on Sept 17. Email or telephone, / 139017321512 (Ms. Cheung) / 13816732003 (Ms. Zhao). Registration fee is RMB50 and includes lunch and tea.