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5 August 2010
JMSC Internships in Beijing
9 August 2010

BJ internship at Time Out Hong Kong

Lisa Onland, a first year Bachelor of Journalism student, has been working over the summer at Time Out Hong Kong.

Following a successful application and interview earlier this summer, Onland has been writing previews, highlights and short pieces for sections such as Music, Shopping, Theatre and Nightlife.

Lisa Onland (in centre) at Time Out

She was soon given the chance to conduct interviews with several international DJs and also help with the research for a couple of feature stories.

Onland sings high praise for the Time Out editors for encouraging interns to get involved and contribute to the magazine.

“Initially it was a bit like being thrown in the deep end,” says Onland. “The first few weeks certainly proved a sharp learning curve, but I reckon that’s always the quickest way to get the hang of a new working environment.”

The internship has provided her with a good opportunity to put into practice everything she’s learned over her first year at the JMSC.

“Several of the principles of journalism I’d picked up at the JMSC came in handy during my internship,” says Onland. “Especially when verifying or fact checking information that I wanted to use in a piece.”

“I also implemented many of the guidelines I’d learnt about dealing with sources for things such as quotes and interviews.”

She says the learning curve she’s undergone will also benefit her studies in the new academic year: “Through the internship I learnt a lot about operating under deadline pressure which I’ll definitely bring back to my work at the JMSC.”

Onland admits that one of the best things about working for a listing and review magazine is getting free tickets to cultural events.

“It’s necessary when it comes to reviewing new shows and gigs, but a perk of the job nonetheless.”