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20 July 2010
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HKU Shanghai Study Centre

The HKU Shanghai Study Centre, which houses students of Architecture, Business & Economics, and Journalism from HKU has held its first open house.

Professor Ying Chan at the Shanghai Rendezvous

More than 400 alumni and guests from America, Canada, Hong Kong and cities across China attended the Shanghai Rendezvous on June 25.

The centre is a four-storey building located at the historical Post Office Building at No. 298, Beisuzhou Road, Hongkou District (上海虹口區北蘇州路298號).

It overlooks Suzhou Creek and is north of the Bund.

The centre has been open for a year and is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to achieve a global vision in tertiary education by extending its academic curricula beyond the physical confines of Hong Kong.

The Faculty of Architecture occupies two floors of the Study Centre for use as a teaching venue; every Architecture undergraduate in Hong Kong will go to the Study Centre for a semester in order to learn about the city culture and architectural landmarks of Shanghai, and participate in community projects in Shanghai.

The Faculty of Business & Economics will open its study centre later this year.

JMSC Shanghai

The Journalism and Media Studies Centre will hold academic conferences and forums to nurture future media professionals and to expand its networks into China.

“The centre will be used for activities, events and outreach to the media community in Shanghai and China,” says Professor Ying Chan, Director of the JMSC.

“Shanghai is such an important city. It’s great to have a presence there.”

You can see photos of the opening event here.