The International Media Conference 2010
25 April 2010
JMSC Radio Bulletins
25 April 2010

JMSC @ ABC Campus News: latest …

ABC, the American Broadcast Company, has broadcast two more stories made by the JMSC Campus News team.

Phillippa Stewart reporting for ABC News on Campus

Phillippa Stewart reporting for ABC News on Campus

MJ student, Phillippa Stewart reported on the American team’s efforts at the Hong Kong Rubgy 7s. Watch her report here.

“It has been a fantastic experience putting together packages for ABC,” Stewart said.

“I learnt something new at every stage – from the shooting to the editing. It’s also been a great opportunity to get out and report in Hong Kong (and, really, who wouldn’t enjoy meeting the USA rugby team!). I felt a real sense of achievement seeing my piece go on air and knowing the hours of work that went behind a 1min45 clip. Producing stories for ABC has definitely put into practice everything that we learn at the JMSC.”

Deirdre Wang Morris reporting for ABC News on Campus

Deirdre Wang Morris reporting for ABC News on Campus

MJ student, Deirdre Wang Morris reported on the forthcoming Expo 2010 in Shanghai and how the Americans are getting involved. Watch her report here.

Morris says that her childhood abroad has helped her to pitch to a North American audience: “I had the advantage of growing up in Canada, which Americans joke is the “51st state.” Though, sometimes, if the story is interesting or quirky enough, it doesn’t need a direct connection to the United States. For example, the Shanghai marriage market is such a strange concept to Westerners that ABC was interested.”

Both of the young reporters credit the teamwork involved for making their reports possible.

Phillippa Stewart says: “Kirti Nandwani was a massive help in organising the meeting and also doing some of the filming. Roy Ching and Ka Ho Ng were also amazing help at the editing stages. I couldn’t have got it off in time without them.”

Deirdre Wang Morris says: “We all work together on the ABC team and it couldn’t happen with just one person. Jim Laurie, Rob McBride, Tem Hansen, and Pip Stewart have all been instrumental in making my packages happen.”

Jim Laurie, the Director of the Broadcasting Programme at the JMSC, and the man responsible for the ABC/JMSC collaboration, says the response to content that the JMSC has been providing ABC has been extremely positive.

“ABC’s commissioning editor in New York, Christina Caron, wrote me to say ‘your students have consistently impressed us with the quality of their pitches, and their reporting!’ As a result, Christina and the executive in charge of the ABC News on Campus programme, John Green, have invited the University of Hong Kong team to visit ABC’s New York headquarters in June.”